1. Ready for some soldering action? Ok, let's start. You should have all these parts in front of you. And some extra pin headers too.

Add connector2. Start by inserting the 10 pin connector (red or black). Solder it carefully from the other side.

3. Insert the 4 pots and solder from the bottom side. Do not use higher temperature then 370 deg C. If you have a iron without temp regulation; you just need to be a bit fast.

4. Insert the 2 toggle switches (SW1 and SW2) into position. If you have the enclosure it is a good trick to use that to align the switches to the right position. Be careful with high temperatures on these too.

5. Now it is time to solder the pin headers for the Teensy. You can use the Teensy as a tool to get the headers in the right angle.

6. If you use Teensy 3.1/3.2 you need to solder A12 and A13 on the two pins on the angled header. You can just use a dual straight header and bend the legs 90 deg out on each side.

7. If you use Teensy 3.5/3.6 you need to solder A12 and A13 on the J5 header.

8. Cut of ca 3mm of the legs on the OLED screen before inserting it into a 4 pin female header

9. Insert the screen with the female header mounted to the main board. You can insert it into the enclosure to find the correct position.

10. Put the main card into the box and insert the DC power input. You might need to adjust it slightly upwards to fit.

11. Prepare the enclosure by inserting the footswitches and the front plate.

12. Also insert the 3 light guides from the inside

13. Insert the card and secure it with the nuts on the potmeters and switches.

14. Soldering of the input/output board:

Use the holes on the enclosure to aligh the jacks in a correct angle. Solder all pins.

15. Insert the flat cable with the guiding hole in it's position. Solder.

16. Attach the other side of the flat cable to the main board before inserting it into the enclosure. Bend the cable like it is on the picture.

17. Solder the 2 2 pin cables to Int1 and Int2.

18. Solder the cables to the foot switches.

19. Now you should be able to program and check that the HW works. All lights should work with only the USB connected, but you need the DC power to get sound.

Follow instructions on how to program a Teensy here.

Example programs can be found here.