The schematic of the audio board can be found here:


Assembly instructions can be found here

Do not connect the headphone ground to the other signal grounds! This is specified from the manufacturer of the audio codec. The headphone gnd is not actual ground, it is a virtual one.

The main board consists of:

  • 4 potmeter
  • 2 SPST switches
  • 2 momentary soft foot switches
  • Stereo input/output header (no jacks included; separate board/kit)
  • 2 inputs for Expression pedal/CV connected to analog input on Teensy
  • SGTL5000 audio codec
  • NE5532 Low noise opamp buffers input/output
  • 2 DPDT signal relays for true-bypass
  • Optional memory
  • MIDI in/out pin header
  • OLED i2c connector – screen included
  • 10 x “WS2812b” RGB LEDs
  • Socket for wireless module NRF24L01

Ready for Teensy3.1, Teensy3.2, Teensy3.5, Teensy3.6