The schematic of the audio board can be found here:


Assembly instructions can be found here

The main board consists of:

  • 4 potmeter
  • 2 SPST switches
  • 2 momentary soft foot switches
  • Stereo input/output header (no jacks included; separate board/kit)
  • 2 inputs for Expression pedal/CV connected to analog input on Teensy
  • SGTL5000 audio codec
  • NE5532 Low noise opamp buffers input/output
  • 2 DPDT signal relays for true-bypass
  • Optional memory
  • MIDI in/out pin header
  • OLED i2c connector – screen included
  • 10 x “WS2812b” RGB LEDs
  • Socket for wireless module NRF24L01

Ready for Teensy3.1, Teensy3.2, Teensy3.5, Teensy3.6